Major Changes: November 1, 2017 - As part of our ongoing effort to transition to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious model, Memdalet will no longer offer "fast fashion." All items currently on-site will be offered at a discount to make way for better sourced, better constructed, eco-friendlier garments. The work ahead is long and tedious, but we expect to have it fully implemented by January 2018. 

Social Media: As of July 20, 2015, we have disabled our Facebook & Instagram feeds.  We've kept our Twitter (@memdalet) active for real time customer service and inquiries. Tweet us!  We can also be reached through email, hello [at]

Why no FB and IG?

Social media is great; we think it's awesome. From a brand standpoint, though, we believe there is added responsibility to share thoughtfully crafted, meaningful content that adds real value to our customers' lives. Accumulating "follows" and "likes" is not our objective. We want our time on these platforms to be and mean much more than sharing expertly curated and edited content. Put simply: we want to do it correctly. We want to engage organically with our customers, not bombard them with stuff to buy. We want to only speak when we have something meaningful to say. And to be honest, we haven't quite figured out that formula just yet.

So while we welcome, encourage and appreciate those who've shared our items on their personal feeds, we will return to Facebook and Instagram when we've come up with fun, creative, engaging and meaningful ways to participate in the broader discussion.

In the mean time, if you have any questions, suggestions or comments, send us an email! All messages are answered within the hour Monday-Friday 8am—5pm EST. All emails after hours, on weekends, and on US public holidays will be answered the following business day. 

– Memdalet Staff