Body Image From A Bottle

Which one are you?


Is your body wash bottle causing body-image issues? Do you feel underrepresented due to a lack of plastic bottles that look like you? Do you feel that lotion and body wash bottles should have hips and curves to reflect all women, as opposed to others that promote unattainable, unrealistic and un-relatable shapes and standards to which you can't possible live up to? Plastic bottles should be more inclusive, right? Fret not, my friend, Dove is here to save the day (and what's left of your tattered self esteem caused by inanimate objects and molded storage vessels)! 


Today, in a spectacular display of absurdly funny and cringeworthy ridiculous, Dove released a new campaign featuring redesigned bottles shapes which, according to them, seeks to be more inclusive by celebrating body diversity and "real beauty." The internet, however, was not amused. 

Twitter, in true savage form, was quick to mock and meme Dove's poorly thought out, feeble attempt at inclusivity. Whomever's responsible for Unilever's marketing (Dove's parent company), should really rethink their strategy and approach. They've either run out of creative and effective ways to convey their message, or they truly believe that bottle shapes actually have bearing on diversity, self esteem and celebration of beauty. In all appearances, Dove implies that we are so fragile and easily waned that even random inanimate objects must also reflect our bodies. Really, Dove? Really, though? This is neither diversity nor inclusivity, but a patronizing display of terrible marketing.



The savagery continued:

Me too! Yeah, Dove! Tell us! How will you fill the void? Dear Dove, it's really not that difficult. Bottles are containers, not idols or tools of affirmation. If you really want to make us happy, just give us more product for less money. See that, Dove. I fixed it for you; no fancy PR or design team involved, and zero added cost to your marketing budget. You're welcome!

by T. Gianetti | May 09, 2017


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